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All Natural Skin Care with Renee Harris

People with the MTHFR polymorphism often have a more challenging time detoxifying and eliminating chemicals, and so we’re always on the hunt for clean, natural skincare that we don’t have to make ourselves (not that I don’t love whipping up a batch of body butter now and then).

In the MTHFR for Life course, we talk a lot about making your home and life cleaner, and clean skincare is a huge part of that because we actually absorb as much through our skin as we do through our stomach lining, but things absorbed by the skin don’t go directly to the liver to be detoxified, they make a round through your bloodstream first. So skincare is an important source of chemicals that can largely be eliminated. A big part of the MTHFR lifestyle is clearing all of the unnecessary toxins out of your home and life.

Clean skincare with only 4-5 ingredients that we all recognize is even better. This interview with Renee Harris, founder of MadeOn skincare talks about her journey with her son’s eczema, a farmers market stand, and how the products have evolved since that time.

Renee’s website,, is a great resource as well for DIY natural products as well as to order her wonderful hard lotion bars, completely delicious avocado facial soap, and other lovely things.

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