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infertility, infertility and MTHFR, causes of infertility, female factor infertility

Why Diagnosis Matters For Infertility

Fertility is an area that many people are scared to really look into very deeply. Many of us pass our most fertile years in higher education, in an intense career,...

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infertility and mthfr, infertility definition, infertility and comt

How Do You Know If You’re Infertile?

This is probably not a question you’ve ever thought to ask yourself, but the answer might surprise you – especially if you’re a little bit older or if you’re dealing...

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MTRR, B12, and MTHFR, MTRR and homocysteine

B12, MTR, and MTRR gene SNPs.

B12 matters a lot for everyone. We’ve spoken about it before in terms of the best B12 for MTHFR mutants, and in general the link between B12 and MTHFR in...

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MTHFR and vaccines

MTHFR and Vaccines

This is a subject I get questions about almost daily, and the internet is filled with opinions, threatening pieces, and loud voices. But what is the truth? General Thoughts about...

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natural skincare is an important part of the MTHFR lifestyle

All Natural Skin Care with Renee Harris

People with the MTHFR polymorphism often have a more challenging time detoxifying and eliminating chemicals, and so we’re always on the hunt for clean, natural skincare that we don’t have...

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MAOA Slow Angry | To Health With That

MAO-A Slow and Your Short Fuse

MAO-A is an enzyme of singular importance, and the gene SNPs that alter its activity have additive effects, just like the COMT gene SNP that we spoke about some months...

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low histamine symptoms, histamine and MTHFR, low histamine allergies

Low Histamine, Gene SNPs, and MTHFR

Low histamine is generally not recognized as a problem within the medical community or even in the media, but histamine is emerging as a target in research for conditions like...

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sunlight and folate, sunlight and vitamin D, vitamin D and MTHFR,

Vitamin D, MTHFR, and the VDR Gene SNPs

Like everything else we talk about, MTHFR and vitamin D have a curious relationship. Vitamin D doesn’t link into the folate cycle, the methylation cycle, or the BH4 pathway so...

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high histamine and MTHFR, histamine and folate, histamine and leftovers, MTHFR and HNMT,

High Histamine, gene SNPs, and MTHFR

Histamine and MTHFR are bound together for so many reasons. One, is because just like MTHFR, histamine has its fingers in so much more than just allergies. Histamine is involved...

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Nitric oxide and MTHFR - ToHealthWithThat

Nitric Oxide, MTHFR, and NOS3

MTHFR is well known for causing heart health issues. It’s directly responsible for raising homocysteine levels, it’s implicated in troublesome blood clotting, and it’s indirectly responsible for making it harder...

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COMT fast | Low Estrogen and Low stress hormones

S2E31: COMT Fast

The COMT fast picture, as you can imagine, is the flip-side of COMT slow. This enzyme works too well, eliminating crucial substances before they have the chance to act. The...

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balance COMT slow | Balance Methylation | ToHealthWithThat

S2E30: Slow COMT

This week, let’s talk about our first of two COMT pictures. COMT slow. Remember, this means the COMT enzyme is less efficient than normal so the catecholamines it is supposed...

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COMT and MTHFR, COMT fast, COMT slow

S2E28: COMT and MTHFR.

To kick off our series on other polymorphisms, I’m starting with another heavy-hitter that is deeply entwined with MTHFR.  This polymorphism is also in a gene that codes for an...

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genetic polymorphisms are like a web. A gene SNP doesn't create a linear result

S2E27: MTHFR and Other Gene SNPs

This week I want to start a mini-series of talks  about other gene SNPs with or without MTHFR. I actually want to start it out with a disclaimer, and this...

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UMFA in pregnancy, unmetabolized folic acid in pregnancy. How safe is it?

The Dangers of UMFA in Pregnancy

UMFA or unmetabolized folic acid is something that has been popping up on research radars more and more frequently in recent years. The combination of food fortifed with folic acid,...

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Adaptogens For Anxiety | ToHealthWithThat

Supplements For Anxiety With MTHFR

We’ve talked about how MTHFR and Anxiety are linked a couple of times and had an interview with anxiety expert Jennifer Bronsnick, but all of that still doesn’t answer one...

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skipped meals contribute to anxiety, not just in MTHFR and anxiety

S2E19: MTHFR and Anxiety

MTHFR and anxiety are intimately linked, mostly, we presume, because your body needs folate to make serotonin, dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. Those are most of the major neurotransmitters that affect...

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the MTHFR lifestyle will help you feel amazing every day

S2E18: What is the MTHFR Lifestyle?

I mention the MTHFR Lifestyle a lot, but don’t always clarify what I’m talking about, and at this phase of the journey, it matters a lot. If you’re following along...

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hydration matters for MTHFR. Dehydration is too common, even in people who drink lots of water.

S2E16: Hydration and MTHFR

Water is so talked about that it’s incredibly easy to ignore. Like everyone knows we need a ton of water, so that can’t be the key to anything, it’s just...

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2 ways to feel better on detox days with MTHFR

S2E15: What To Do For Detox Symptoms

Two weeks ago we talked about some of the symptom patterns that can arise as you’re working with MTHFR. Honestly, they can show up for lots of people, but detox...

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What to take before folate for MTHFR

S2E9: MTHFR Questions

I love it when listeners leave me questions so here is this month’s roundup! I don’t have a doctor that advises me about MTHFR. A mental health provider suspected the...

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three phases of MTHFR - preliminaries, burning through the backlog, and maintenance.

S2E8: The Preliminaries with MTHFR

This week you’re continuing to symptom track and continuing to have patience because right now you are laying the foundation for a good methylfolate start. This phase, what I like...

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MTHFR and chronic fatigue, B12 and chronic fatigue

S2E7: B12 and MTHFR

If you’re following along with what we’re doing, last week you added in B vitamins as a group. Typically this goes well for MTHFR folks because other B vitamins help...

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This is why MTHFR folks need other B vitamins.

S2E6: B Vitamins with MTHFR

If you’re following along with our step-by-step process, then you’re well ahead of most people who start their MTHFR journey with Dr. Google. Congratulations. This week we’re going to talk...

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S2E5: Patience with MTHFR

I’m pretty sure that this is the most frustrating part of the whole MTHFR shebang. Not the crazy symptoms, the issues if we take too much methylfolate, the dietary changes,...

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S2E4: Adding Food Sources of Folate

Food sources of folate (natural folate, not foods enriched with folic acid) are some of the best foods out there, so with MTHFR we truly are blessed that our healthy...

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empty bucket fix backlog MTHFR mantras

Empty Bucket, Fix Backlog.

I feel like this is getting into Zen slogan territory – Chop wood, carry water… Empty bucket, fix backlog. Actually, for us MTHFR folks, this could be tantamount to a...

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MTHFR Coaching Benefits

MTHFR Questions From Listeners.

MTHFR is such a strange journey, and it seems like no two people’s experiences are the same. I kind of backed into MTHFR by accident. I found a multivitamin that...

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MTHFR and norepinephrine

MTHFR and Norepinephrine

MTHFR can be with mental health issues including depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive traits, and global issues like bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. Culturally, we tend to jump to the idea that all...

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Boost dopamine and MTHFR

Dopamine and MTHFR

MTHFR can come with a whole host of mental health issues including depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive traits, and broader issues like bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. Culturally, we tend to jump to...

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serotonin and MTHFR and sunshine

Serotonin and MTHFR

MTHFR can come with a whole host of mental health issues including depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive traits, and more major states like bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. Culturally, we tend to jump...

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MTHFR and decision fatigue - give dr. google the year off

MTHFR and Decision Fatigue

We’ve had a number of heavy topics lately and I wanted to lighten it all up a bit this week by talking about something that is sorely needed for many...

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The Best B12 for MTHFR Mutants

The Best B12 For MTHFR

This question seems to come up frequently in the MTHFR community, Genetic Rockstars.  And of course, B12 levels have a lot to do with how you feel and how well...

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Fish oil and MTHFR

Fish Oil and MTHFR, What Is The Link?

We’ve all heard about fish oils and omega3 fatty acids for so many incredible reasons. They are strongly anti-inflammatory and perform almost as well as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory tests for pain...

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lowering homocysteine with MTHFR might mean giving up a few bad habits.

Lowering Homocysteine with MTHFR

As with everything to do with MTHFR, balancing your methylation and boosting your B vitamins, especially B2, folate or 5-LMTHF, and B12, is the first step. Balance your methylation! There...

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MTHFR and Homocysteine By The Numbers

These past few weeks we’ve gone over some general information about MTHFR and homocysteine, the link between methionine and homocysteine, and the new information about MTHFR, homocysteine, and Covid-19. What...

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eat less protein - there is a link between methionine, homocysteine, and MTHFR and reduced methionine boosts long life

Methionine, MTHFR, and Homocysteine.

The link between MTHFR and homocysteine is clear – if you aren’t familiar with that part of the picture, you can brush up with last week’s topic. The link between...

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MTHFR and homocysteine are linked through the methionine cycle

MTHFR and Homocysteine – The Basics

High homocysteine is often the first indication of an MTHFR issue, and it’s certainly the one that doctors take the most seriously. There is a good reason for this. Homocysteine is...

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mthfr safe detox

Detoxification for MTHFR, Revisited

MTHFR and detoxification are intimately linked. Having a methylation issue impairs detox of many substances including heavy metals and hormones to name a few, but also when those branches of...

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MTHFR and depression gives you so many treatments options

MTHFR and Depression

Depression is a common thread among all humans – this isn’t limited to MTHFR folks in any way, but as folks with an MTHFR variant, balancing methylation can be an...

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Undermethylation – an MTHFR Basic State

Undermethylation, as we have discussed, is the most common state according to the research of Dr. Carl Pfeiffer in his book Nutrition and Mental Illness, An Orthomolecular Approach To Balancing...

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overmethylators can change the world with their compassion, empathy and creativity

Overmethylation – an MTHFR Basic State

Overmethylation, as we have discussed, is the least common state according to the research of Dr. Carl Pfeiffer in his book Nutrition and Mental Illness, An Orthomolecular Approach To Balancing...

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healing MTHFR often means getting rid of the supplement soup.

Three Stages of Healing with MTHFR

Working with MTHFR can be a very different experience for every person, but it does help to have a system, a method to tackling this large and diffuse problem. Let’s...

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The Bucket Theory and MTHFR

The Bucket Theory isn’t a new thing – it’s been around for a long time in a lot of different forms. It is, however, incredibly relevant to the MTHFR problem...

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MTHFR A1298C polymorphism is associated with speed and strength

A1298C Mutations – What You Need To Know

In the current state of medical research, studies don’t often differentiate between C677T mutations and A1298C mutations so much of the research applies to both – lumping MTHFR polymorphisms into...

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gentle detox for MTHFR

Gentle Detox for MTHFR

The keyword here is GENTLE. Why? Anybody can overdo detox, but trouble is especially easy to find when you have a known genetic issue affecting detoxification. Pushing too hard is...

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overmethylation vs undermethylation is more useful than C677T vs. A1298C

C677T Mutations – What You Need To Know

In the current state of medical research, studies don’t often differentiate between C677T mutations and A1298C mutations so lots of the research applies to both – lumping MTHFR polymorphisms into...

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the goal with MTHFR

What Is The Goal With MTHFR?

I know this sounds like a bit of an odd question – the goal is to get healthy, right? And yes, of course it is. But sometimes people have mistaken...

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how to dose methylfolate - use this mixed dosing strategy

How to Dose Methylfolate for MTHFR

MTHFR is for life, and you’ll feel best if you are working on making your methylation great for the rest of your life. That doesn’t usually mean finding a dose...

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what else to take for MTHFR - try magnesium

What Else to Take for MTHFR

It’s so easy to jump to the idea that it’s all about folate with MTHFR issues, because let’s face it. The enzyme deals with activating folate. Of course, folate is...

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Are you tracking the right symptoms on your MTHFR journey?

Find Your MTHFR Red Flags – MTHFR Basics

Part of successfully working with any health issue is knowing when you’re moving in the right direction and when you aren’t. Oddly, it’s trickier then you might think – especially...

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Here's what to do if you can't take folate

I Can’t Take Folate – Now What?

We all know that MTHFR mutations are differences in the way your body processes folate, so obviously the answer is to take more or better folate supplements like 5-LMTHF or...

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energy and MTHFR and fatigue

Energy, MTHFR, and Fatigue.

MTHFR has its sticky little fingers in everything important and energy production is no exception. In fact, fatigue is one of the most common symptoms that I see in my...

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Boost glutathione naturally - glutathione and MTHFR

Glutathione and MTHFR

The “Master Antioxidant” And What That Means For The Rest Of Us. Generally, in medicine it takes a lot for a substance to get such a high-flying label as the...

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What to eat for MTHFR is NOT doughnuts.

What To Eat For MTHFR Mutants

We’ve been talking a lot about natural folate and its food sources vs. synthetic folic acid (which is toxic in high doses.). So in theory, we’ve got it. But in...

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Folic acid is toxic

This Vitamin Could Be Hurting You

It makes sense that if your body has a difference in its ability to process folate, like the MTHFR variants, then you just flood the system so that even if...

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MTHFR and serotonin, sleep, happiness, and attention.

MTHFR and Serotonin – an Unhappy Marriage.

Let’s talk BH4, biopterin, and the whole sh*t show. Remember the interlocking metabolic loops in which the methylation pathway intersects and cogs into other pathways, essentially so that it affects...

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Who should care about MTHFR mutations?

Who Should Care About MTHFR Mutation?

On the internets, it seems like everyone cares about MTHFR right now, but honestly, it isn’t necessarily important for everyone. Not even for everyone with a known mutation. Just having...

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