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What To Do BEFORE You Conceive

This week, let’s talk about an often overlooked step in the fertility journey, which is the preconception phase.  Of course many pregnancies happen by accident or through happy surprise, but...

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Menstrual Cycle Explained

Your Menstrual Cycle, Explained.

Women are cyclic creatures, and understanding your cycle can help you understand your moods, body, and head-space. This monthly rhythm will define your life during your reproductive years as a...

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MTHFR and Vaccines

MTHFR and Vaccines

This is a subject I get questions about almost daily, and the internet is filled with opinions, threatening pieces, and loud voices. But what is the truth? General Thoughts about...

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Nitric oxide and MTHFR - MTHFR and heart disease

Nitric Oxide, MTHFR, and NOS3

MTHFR is well known for causing heart health issues. It’s directly responsible for raising homocysteine levels, it’s implicated in troublesome blood clotting, and it’s indirectly responsible for making it harder...

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Low Estrogen and Stress Hormones with COMT fast

S2E31: COMT Fast

The COMT fast picture, as you can imagine, is the flip-side of COMT slow. This enzyme works too well, eliminating crucial substances before they have the chance to act. The...

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Symptoms and signs of slow COMT

S2E30: Slow COMT

This week, let’s talk about our first of two COMT pictures. COMT slow. Remember, this means the COMT enzyme is less efficient than normal so the catecholamines it is supposed...

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S2E28: COMT and MTHFR.

To kick off our series on other polymorphisms, I’m starting with another heavy-hitter that is deeply entwined with MTHFR.  This polymorphism is also in a gene that codes for an...

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skipped meals contribute to anxiety, not just in MTHFR and anxiety

S2E19: MTHFR and Anxiety

MTHFR and anxiety are intimately linked, mostly, we presume, because your body needs folate to make serotonin, dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. Those are most of the major neurotransmitters that affect...

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Hydration and MTHFR

S2E16: Hydration and MTHFR

Water is so talked about that it’s incredibly easy to ignore. Like everyone knows we need a ton of water, so that can’t be the key to anything, it’s just...

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What to take before folate for MTHFR

S2E9: MTHFR Questions

I love it when listeners leave me questions so here is this month’s roundup! I don’t have a doctor that advises me about MTHFR. A mental health provider suspected the...

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MTHFR and chronic fatigue, B12 and chronic fatigue

S2E7: B12 and MTHFR

If you’re following along with what we’re doing, last week you added in B vitamins as a group. Typically this goes well for MTHFR folks because other B vitamins help...

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This is why MTHFR folks need other B vitamins.

S2E6: B Vitamins with MTHFR

If you’re following along with our step-by-step process, then you’re well ahead of most people who start their MTHFR journey with Dr. Google. Congratulations. This week we’re going to talk...

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Patience with MTHFR

S2E5: Patience with MTHFR

I’m pretty sure that this is the most frustrating part of the whole MTHFR shebang. Not the crazy symptoms, the issues if we take too much methylfolate, the dietary changes,...

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empty bucket fix backlog MTHFR mantras

Empty Bucket, Fix Backlog.

I feel like this is getting into Zen slogan territory – Chop wood, carry water… Empty bucket, fix backlog. Actually, for us MTHFR folks, this could be tantamount to a...

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MTHFR and norepinephrine

MTHFR and Norepinephrine

MTHFR can be with mental health issues including depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive traits, and global issues like bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. Culturally, we tend to jump to the idea that all...

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Boost dopamine and MTHFR

Dopamine and MTHFR

MTHFR can come with a whole host of mental health issues including depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive traits, and broader issues like bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. Culturally, we tend to jump to...

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serotonin and MTHFR and sunshine

Serotonin and MTHFR

MTHFR can come with a whole host of mental health issues including depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive traits, and more major states like bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. Culturally, we tend to jump...

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The Best B12 For MTHFR

This question seems to come up frequently in the MTHFR community, Genetic Rockstars.  And of course, B12 levels have a lot to do with how you feel and how well...

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lowering homocysteine with MTHFR might mean giving up a few bad habits.

Lowering Homocysteine with MTHFR

As with everything to do with MTHFR, balancing your methylation and boosting your B vitamins, especially B2, folate or 5-LMTHF, and B12, is the first step. Balance your methylation! There...

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MTHFR and Homocysteine By The Numbers

These past few weeks we’ve gone over some general information about MTHFR and homocysteine, the link between methionine and homocysteine, and the new information about MTHFR, homocysteine, and Covid-19. What...

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MTHFR and depression gives you so many treatments options

MTHFR and Depression

Depression is a common thread among all humans – this isn’t limited to MTHFR folks in any way, but as folks with an MTHFR variant, balancing methylation can be an...

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The Bucket Theory and MTHFR

The Bucket Theory and MTHFR

The Bucket Theory isn’t a new thing – it’s been around for a long time in a lot of different forms. It is, however, incredibly relevant to the MTHFR problem...

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gentle detox for MTHFR

Gentle Detox for MTHFR

The keyword here is GENTLE. Why? Anybody can overdo detox, but trouble is especially easy to find when you have a known genetic issue affecting detoxification. Pushing too hard is...

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what else to take for MTHFR - try magnesium

What Else to Take for MTHFR

It’s so easy to jump to the idea that it’s all about folate with MTHFR issues, because let’s face it. The enzyme deals with activating folate. Of course, folate is...

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Energy, MTHFR, and Fatigue.

MTHFR has its sticky little fingers in everything important and energy production is no exception. In fact, fatigue is one of the most common symptoms that I see in my...

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Glutathione and MTHFR

The “Master Antioxidant” And What That Means For The Rest Of Us. Generally, in medicine it takes a lot for a substance to get such a high-flying label as the...

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