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MTHFR and Emotional Eating with Tricia Nelson

Emotional eating doesn’t sound like the typical MTHFR topic, but sadly it is one of the behaviors that can plague people with MTHFR, COMT fast, or MAO-A fast. Especially those with MAO-A fast because emotional eating is highly linked to states of low dopamine and low serotonin.

Any of us MTHFR folks can be prone to low neurotransmitters, so emotional eating and other addictive behaviors can be a pattern we fall into easily.

This interview with Tricia Nelson, author of Heal Your Hunger: 7 Simple Steps to End Emotional Eating, reveals some of her strategies and tips to help conquer emotional eating once and for all.

The term “emotional eating” may prompt some resistance, which is understandable. Nobody ever wants to think they eat for their emotions, but I’m willing to bet lots of us want chocolate on a bad day. Tricia suggests starting with the “PEP test” to show you hidden ways you might be using food to reduce emotional pain, escape, or self-punish.

You can find the PEP test in the book or as a pop-up quiz on Tricia’s website.

Engaging with the WHY question about your eating habits can help to make your MTHFR journey more successful and boost your health overall. We all know some of the worst craving foods are also the foods that are fortified with folic acid, and folic acid is never going to help if you’re struggling with neurotransmitters because of MTHFR, COMT fast, or MAO-A fast. If struggling to eliminate fortified foods has been your challenge with MTHFR, Heal Your Hunger might be the solution.

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