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MTHFR Discussions In Order

A reader suggested this, and I think it’s a great idea. If you are starting from the beginning and willing to dive in and do your own research, then this is the place for you. These topics do build on each other, so if you’re stuck somewhere it could be a good idea to go back to the beginning and work through it. You can also listen on the To Health With That Podcast:

Here we go:

Season One of the Podcast:

  1. MTHFR In The Simplest Terms Possible.
  2. Health Problems Linked to MTHFR Mutations.
  3. MTHFR Testing and Results.
  4. Who Should Care About MTHFR Mutation?
  5. Why Is Methylation Important? Gene Regulation.
  6. Methylation, Detoxification, and the Glamorous MTHFR Lifestyle.
  7. MTHFR is In Bed With Estrogen. Now What?
  8. MTHFR and Neurotransmitters – An Unholy Marriage.
  9. This Vitamin Could Be Hurting You (Not Just For MTHFR).
  10. Psst… There are Different Types of Folate.
  11. What to Eat For MTHFR Mutants.
  12. Methyl Folate Makes Me Feel Bad.
  13. These Other Vitamins Are Essential for MTHFR.
  14. Glutathione and MTHFR.
  15. Energy, MTHFR, and Chronic Fatigue.
  16. Overmethylator or Undermethylator. What Is Your Basic State?
  17. I Can’t Take Folate. Now What?
  18. Understanding Your MTHFR Red Flags.
  19. Choline, Magnesium, and Zinc for MTHFR.
  20. I Have MTHFR. How Do I Start 5-LMTHF?
  21. Dosing Strategies for MTHFR.
  22. 5-LMTHF vs. Folinic Acid.
  23. What To Expect When You Start Methyl Folate.
  24. What Is The Goal With MTHFR?
  25. Gentle Detox Strategies For MTHFR.
  26. C677T Mutation.
  27. A1298C Mutation.
  28. MTHFR And Pain Medications.
  29. MTHFR And Allergies or Sensitivities.
  30. The Bucket Theory of MTHFR.
  31. Three Stages of Healing With MTHFR.
  32. Overmethylation – An MTHFR Basic State.
  33. Undermethylation – An MTHFR Basic State.
  34. Depression and MTHFR.
  35. Is Your Depression or Anxiety A Mental Bad Habits.
  36. What To Expect When You’re Breaking Mental Bad Habits.
  37. Recognizing Your Body’s Detoxification Signals.
  38. MTHFR and Homocysteine.
  39. Methionine, MTHFR, and Homocysteine.
  40. Homocysteine, MTHFR, and Covid-19.
  41. Homocysteine By The Numbers.
  42. Lowering Your Homocysteine With MTHFR.
  43. Fish Oil and MTHFR.
  44. Gene Regulation, Fish Oil, and MTHFR.
  45. Best B12 for MTHFR.
  46. MTHFR and Decision Fatigue.
  47. MTHFR and Serotonin.
  48. MTHFR and Dopamine.
  49. MTHFR and Norepinephrine.
  50. MTHFR and Amy’s Neurotransmitter Theory.
  51. MTHFR and Joyhacks – Boost Your Happy.
  52. Obstacles On The MTHFR Journey – The Bucket and The Backlog.
  53. How Do You Know When Your Methylation Is Balanced?
  54. MTHFR Questions From Listeners.
  55. Why Does Methyl Folate Dose Change Over Time?
  56. Empty Bucket, Fix Backlog.
Make MTHFR Easy. Complete episode list and show notes: To Health With That! MTHFR Podcast

Season Two: MTHFR Step-By-Step

  1. Preparing To Get Healthy With MTHFR.
  2. Getting Folic Acid Out of Your Diet.
  3. Food Cravings and What They Tell You.
  4. Adding Food Sources of Methyl Folate.
  5. Patience on the MTHFR Journey.
  6. B Vitamins and MTHFR.
  7. B12 and MTHFR
  8. The Preliminaries with MTHFR.
  9. MTHFR Questions from Listeners.
  10. Why Starting Methyl Folate Can Cause Symptoms.
  11. Starting 5-LMTHF or SAMe with MTHFR.
  12. Week One of Methyl Folate and What Is In Your Baggage?
  13. Symptom Patterns to Watch For With MTHFR.
  14. What To Take for MTHFR If You Can’t Take Methyl Folate.
  15. How To Feel Better on Detox Days.
  16. Hydration and MTHFR.
  17. Happy Holidays! Make A Resolution You Can Keep.
  18. The MTHFR Lifestyle.
  19. MTHFR and Anxiety.
  20. MTHFR and Anxiety – An Interview with Jennifer Bronsnick.
  21. Supplements for Anxiety With MTHFR.
  22. The Harm that 5000 mcg Folic Acid Can Do To Fertility With MTHFR.
  23. The Dangers of UMFA in Pregnancy.
  24. Progress On The MTHFR Journey.
  25. MTHFR Questions: Specific Products, and Marmite.
  26. Supplements for Depression with MTHFR.
  27. What is Really Going on With Basic State?
  28. MTHFR and Other Gene SNPs.
  29. COMT and MTHFR
  30. COMT Slow
  31. COMT Fast
  32. Glutathione Review
  33. GST and GPX, Gene SNPs and Glutathione
  34. B12, MTR, and MTRR
  35. Nitric Oxide, MTHFR, and NOS3
  36. Mercury, Arsenic, and Fibromyalgia
  37. High Histamine and MTHFR
  38. Low Histamine and MTHFR
  39. Vitamin D, MTHFR, and VDR
  40. MAOA Slow and Your Short Fuse
  41. MAOA Fast and the Carbohydrate Rollercoaster
  42. MTHFR, PEMT, and Your Gallbladder
  43. Food Addiction and Your Genes with Tricia Nelson
  44. Chemical Free Products with Renee Harris
  45. MTHFR and Vaccines
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