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Welcome! I’m Amy. I would love to help you optimize your genetic gifts so you can live your healthiest, happiest, most productive life.

Welcome! I’m Amy. I would love to help you optimize your genetic gifts so you can live your healthiest, happiest, most productive life.


I'm Dr. Amy. I want you to thrive, starting today.

I’m a naturopathic doctor and host of the To Health With That! podcast and I’ve been helping people feel better for almost 20 years. MTHFR, hormones, and mental health are my areas of expertise. Empowering and educating my clients so they can make the best health decisions for themselves and their families is my passion.

I’m so glad you’re here!

Optimize your genes with MTHFR and other gene SNPs

Genetic Rockstars is gene-optimization community. We are centered around people with the MTHFR mutation who are working on getting better, together.

This fun, supportive community is full of resources that you can use whenever you’re ready. Free courses on MTHFR basics and the highly-acclaimed MTHFR 101 course, the MTHFR library, and the best resource of all – other people who are on the same journey. Members of the community are always happy to share their stories and tips.  Monthly live Q&A calls and questions answered by Dr. Amy can change your health completely. You’ll be glad you joined us.

Also, money should never be the obstacle – if you want to join but need a scholarship for financial hardship, we’re happy to help. Just reach out to Dr. Amy with the contact form below.

MTHFR group coaching benefits

MTHFR Mastery Method
Group coaching for MTHFR and so much more.

MTHFR Mastery Method is everything we have been longing to offer our clients, all in one place.

This program combines the best of our MTHFR community, courses, and one-on-one work with Dr. Amy to give you a solid, custom-tailored start.

Enroll today, and make the next six months the most important ones you’ve ever had.

MTHFR Mastery Method helps you understand your MTHFR journey, know exactly what supplements to take, helps you listen to what your body is telling you, and reduce your symptoms and health-risks long-term.

Learn more and register here

One-on-One Health and Genetic Coaching

Personal support for MTHFR, epigenetics, and other health issues.

Get the time you need

Longer appointment times mean that you will never feel unheard again. Dr. Amy will take the time to get all of the details about your history, how you are feeling right now, your lifestyle, and your self-care. Be heard.

Expert help

Naturopathic doctor Amy Neuzil has close to 20 years of practice experience and focuses especially on MTHFR and other genetic and epigenetic issues, women's hormones, and complex multi-endocrine disorder. She was awarded best wellness center in Westlake (austin, TX) and Texas Naturopathic Physician of the year (2013)

Solutions that work in your life

Dr. Amy will always take the time to find solutions that are doable in your real life and that you can handle. After all, lots of people would get better eating 100% raw foods, but how many of us could actually do it?

One size does not fit all with health.

Your health situation is absolutely unique, and Dr. Amy will work with that, not against it. She will find the best solution for you rather than relying on one-size-fits-all protocols.

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Get the time you need

Longer appointment times allow you to really dive deep into what is going on for you and come up with a plan that will work for you specifically.

Expert help

You are working with Dr. Amy who has a wealth of knowledge and 20 years of experience to draw from.

Solutions that work in your life

You will be given recommendations that can easily be implemented into your busy schedule and work with your real life.

One size does not fit all with health.

When it comes to achieving optimum health, working with Dr. Amy is a great option to consider

Self-Guided Courses and Podcast

MTHFR Basics

Everything you need to know to balance your Methylation, reduce anxiety, and feel amazing.

MTHFR for life course

MTHFR for Life

Better today and better tomorrow with MTHFR


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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common questions here.

If there are instances when you feel tired or have little energy, you are not alone. With today’s 24/7 schedules, people are more likely to feel tired and overly stressed.

While it may happen because of a lack of sleep, but it’s not always the reason. In most cases, fatigue or tiredness may arise due to a poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle. Some of the reasons that can take the most out of you and you’ll end up feeling exhausted are:

  1. Lack of high-quality sleep
  2. Deficiencies in nutrients, or gene variants that alter nutrient use like MTHFR
  3. The stress factor
  4. Chronic medical conditions
  5. Good sleep but lack of quality unscheduled rest
  6. Caffeine consumption is too high
  7. Chronic dehydration
  8. Obesity or overweight
  9. Dependence on drugs or alcohol
  10. Working in shifts
  11. Sedentary living
  12. The use of certain medications

Even though most people feel exhausted some days, the constant feeling of tiredness or run down isn’t normal. Constant exhaustion can lead to chronic fatigue, severe medical conditions, nutrient deficiencies, chronic stress, and more. If changing your lifestyle or taking a proper diet is still not making you feel good or back on track, you must consult your healthcare provider to find the right cause.

MTHFR gene mutation is a small error in the gene that makes the methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (mthfr) enzyme, which converts folate or folic acid into its active form. The mthfr mutation makes the enzyme slower and less efficient so people with this mthfr genetic disorder can have health problems related to folate deficiency.

The mthfr genetic mutation can include symptoms like fatigue, depression, anxiety, or medical issues like high homocysteine, multiple pregnancy loss, and fertility troubles.

The mthfr and folic acid toxicity can also increase the risk of more serious illnesses like cancer and Alzheimer’s disease if it remains untreated.

MTHFR overmethylation treatment is relatively simple, just follow the steps to make sure your active folate level is high enough.

Vitamin B12, also known as Cobalamin, is a water-soluble vitamin or an essential nutrient that is required for performing several roles in your body. It helps in the development and function of the nervous system, and the red blood cells formation, preventing birth defects, supporting bone health, and much more. The human body needs it, but can’t produce it, so it is necessary to take it through dietary supplements and good nutrition. Some of the good sources of Vitamin B12 that you can add to your diet routine include:

  1. The liver and kidneys of animals are some of the most nutrient-dense foods.
  2. Nutrient-dense shellfish, clams are the perfect snack.
  3. Known as a saltwater fish, sardines are small, soft-boned, and high in B12.
  4. Tuna.
  5. Unfortified nutritional yeast.
  6. Trout.

In people with MTHFR, diet can suffice for some people if you work to eliminate folic acid and add food sources of 400 mcg of natural folate per day or 600 mcg if you regularly drink alcohol.

Some people, however, still notice symptoms with this dose of natural folate and find that adding a methylfolate or folinic acid supplement helps to improve those symptoms.  Also, if you are pregnant or nursing, a good prenatal vitamin with methylfolate is strongly recommended.

Shockingly, the research indicates that between 48 – 67% of the population in the U.S. has some form of MTHFR polymorphism.  MTHFR prevalence varies between ethnic groups as well. Americans of African descent have the lowest risk of having an MTHFR variant, while those of hispanic or italian heritage have the highest.

Having the MTHFR mutation means that your capacity for detoxifying some substances, including heavy metals, hormones, and neurotransmitters, is reduced. It is important for people with MTHFR polymorphisms to detoixify, but difficult to use conventional “detox kits” or programs simply because some detoxification programs or products will push our bodies to release more toxins than we can actually eliminate and so do more harm than good.

Gentle detox strategies that focus on the physical elimination of toxins via the gut or skin will have better long-term effectiveness than more aggressive detox protocols that push the liver or enzyme systems to liberate toxins. These gentle detox strategies can include therapeutic sweating and sauna use, which encourages heavy metal release through the skin, the use of gut binders such as fiber, clay, or zeolites and topical castor oil.

Gentle detoxification strategies are a big part of the MTHFR lifestyle, and must be coupled with toxin avoidance to be effective.  Working on eliminating common toxins in your home, food, and water is one of the best steps you can make in your health long-term.


Joy Sanchez

- Amy & her course are an amazing beginning on a journey to a better me (and a better you). She's very thorough, tenderhearted, knowledgeable, and has such an uplifting attitude. It has made me feel like I'm not the only person in the world struggling and has really changed my life for the better. - Joy Sanchez

Marilena C

The course is well organized: lots of material and information every week with interesting topics. We are well looked after by the doctor who is always available to answer our questions. The chat allows to interact with the students. I highly recommend taking the course: the doctor's preparation is excellent. - Marilena C

A must for MTHFR mutants

I can't say enough about how great this podcast is. So much useful, well researched information, delivered in an entertaining and eloquent way by Amy. If you have an MTHFR polymorphism/mutation and don't know where to start, this is the place! - hydromaiden from the United States

SO many questions answered here!!

This podcast has SO MUCH great information presented in a very clear, and understandable fashion. I now have a very clear path thanks to Dr. Amy to take charge of my health, FINALLY!!! In 50-years I've never had one doctor bring this issue to my attention. I have heard of the mutation, and knew I had it (from 23andme) but didn't have ANY idea what the implications were until very recently. So I hopped onto iTunes and found this AMAZING podcast series. I cannot thank Dr. Amy enough!!!! - TahoeShells from the United States

MTHFR, Gene SNPs, and Epigenetics

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