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Welcome! I’m Amy. I would love to help you optimize your genetic gifts so you can live your healthiest, happiest, most productive life.

Welcome! I’m Amy. I would love to help you optimize your genetic gifts so you can live your healthiest, happiest, most productive life.


MTHFR Mastery Method With Dr. Amy

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I don’t know if everyone’s brain works like mine does, but my brain *always* tries to convince me that one-on-one help is going to be the best thing.  “All that personal attention,” says my brain. 

The thing is, actual experience with coaching showed me time and again that working in a group pushes me forward so much faster than working solo ever has—literally every time. 

Here’s an example (one out of many). I was in a group coaching program for working with deep emotional blocks in your clients – I’ve had a lot of education in this area so I felt like group coaching would be an okay compromise because it was cheaper than one-on-one coaching for practitioners.  So I’m in the group coaching, halfway thinking that I might learn one or two new things, but ready to be underwhelmed…

I was completely unprepared for the flood of information that came to me. Every question asked by other people clarified something profound for me – and often, I didn’t even have the words or the framework to ask those same questions myself.

The group created a situation where everyone’s knowledge stacked on top of everyone else’s to triple or quadruple the value we would have had from one-on-one coaching. 

I left shocked and humbled at how much I had learned, not only because of what the coach was presenting or the questions I was asking, but because of the magical influence of other people’s stories and questions. Having so many minds looking at the same puzzle pieces allowed me to see the whole picture. 


The best of one-on-one support, education and empowerment, and community

  • Weekly bite sized lessons to keep you moving forward without overwhelm.
  • Monthly dedicated Q&A sessions with Dr. Amy on top of the open community Q&A
  • Ongoing community chat with Dr. Amy and other members
  • 30-minute one-on-one session to fine-tune your progress (I suggest using this toward the end of the program so we can see what is still left to improve).
  • A guided path to help you optimize your methylation with MTHFR
  • A clear path forward to help you communicate with your body effectively, now and in the future.
  • The key to understanding exactly when something is right for you and when it isn’t, no matter what.
  • Optional customized genetic reports if you have raw data from 23andme or
  • All the other benefits of Genetic Rockstars, including a resource library, courses,  topic posts, great conversations, and a fantastic group of people all working on getting better.
  •  A 30 day, money-back, results guarantee

MTHFR Mastery Method Health and Genetic Coaching

Get the best of education, empowerment, one-on-one care, and community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common questions here.

One-on-one coaching sounds better to many people because it is concentrated time with a practitioner-focused just on you, but in reality, the benefits of group coaching are higher.  Here is what you get with group coaching that one-on-one doesn’t give you.

  1. Far more actual time with Dr. Amy than you would get in a year of one-on-one coaching.
  2.  Incredible opportunities to ask all of your questions AND hear the answers to the questions you didn’t think of asking.
  3. Connect with people who are struggling with the same problems you are – this has been shown to actually make your health outcomes better relative to people who don’t have a healing community.
  4. You get to learn about your body, and your health, and understand how your body works so that you are an empowered and informed participant in your health
  5. You do get one-on-one time with Dr. Amy to fine tune.
  6. All the benefits of courses, community, and one-on-one combined.
  7. The price is WAY lower than trying to patch together an equivalent amount of courses and time with Dr. Amy

It is really easy and human to be a bit scared of sharing health issues with other people, and the great part about group coaching is that you can be as open or quiet about your own health as you choose.  Different people will always share to different degrees, and you may find that hearing other people’s stories about their own health strikes a chord in you, whether you choose to tell them or not.  Also, nobody has to share anything at all if they don’t want to. 

We’ll move forward in a way that will help everyone, and if you want to ask questions in Q&A sessions but remain anonymous, you can do that. Just DM the question to Amy before the session and specify that you want anonymity, and she’ll repeat the question and answer it during the Q&A without giving your name or personal info. Sharing your journey has health benefits and the love and support that you get from other members of the group is totally worth it, but you have to feel ready. The one time sharing is really necessary is during your one-on-one with Dr. Amy, and that information is kept strictly confidential.

One of the basic and necessary tenets of group coaching is that it is a judgement, shame, and troll-free zone and anyone who doesn’t want to abide by that simple principle of kindness is not welcome.

Each small group coaching pod is set for the amount of time it will take to achieve the stated goal of the group. So for women’s hormones you can learn and apply everything you need to do for hormone balance in a step-wise fashion with your group in four months.  For a good solid MTHFR start, it’s better to have six. 

I offer a 30-day money back guarantee.  If you aren’t happy with the program in the first 30 days, I will refund your money, cancel your membership, and still take time to give you the 30 minute one-on-one session so I can help you find the right path forward for you. My goal is to get one millian mutants on their path to health by the end of 2025, and you’re one of us.

You can benefit from Dr. Amy’s knowledge and experience in so many ways. 
Free and self-directed – the To Health With That Podcast and Blog are both  packed with information for MTHFR mutants and general health and you can do it on your own if that appeals to you. Season two of the podcast includes  a step-by-step process, so if you choose this option, start there.
Genetic Rockstars – The MTHFR community, is only $9.99 per month, and there is a monthly open Q&A and lots of conversation, health snippets, MTHFR courses, and a vast library of resources. Dr. Amy tries to answer every question that goes through, so it’s a very direct way to access info. If you choose to start with the MTHFR Mastery Method, don’t join genetic rockstars ahead of time, just because that will be included in the price.
Small group coaching – This option gives you the best of everything – community, courses, and coaching –  with a monthly talk to teach the big picture of whatever step we’re working on, weekly emails with health boosting steps, instructions, and guidance, a monthly dedicated Q&A session just for the  group (plus the open Q&A in Genetic Rockstars). Top that all off with a 30-minute one-on-one with Dr. Amy. These groups have limited numbers to make sure everyone gets lots of personal attention.
One-on-one coaching – One-on-one coaching packages include your first three visits with Dr. Amy, email support, and three months free in Genetic Rockstars, with the option to have visits at an hourly rate or package price thereafter. The first visit with Dr. Amy is 90 minutes, and monthly visits thereafter are usually 30. Here are all the details:

The best thing to do is schedule a free 15 minute meet and greet with Dr. Amy – you can tell her your situation and she’ll help you find the right option.

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Joy Sanchez

- Amy & her course are an amazing beginning on a journey to a better me (and a better you). She's very thorough, tenderhearted, knowledgeable, and has such an uplifting attitude. It has made me feel like I'm not the only person in the world struggling and has really changed my life for the better. - Joy Sanchez

Marilena C

The course is well organized: lots of material and information every week with interesting topics. We are well looked after by the doctor who is always available to answer our questions. The chat allows to interact with the students. I highly recommend taking the course: the doctor's preparation is excellent. - Marilena C

A must for MTHFR mutants

I can't say enough about how great this podcast is. So much useful, well researched information, delivered in an entertaining and eloquent way by Amy. If you have an MTHFR polymorphism/mutation and don't know where to start, this is the place! - hydromaiden from the United States

SO many questions answered here!!

This podcast has SO MUCH great information presented in a very clear, and understandable fashion. I now have a very clear path thanks to Dr. Amy to take charge of my health, FINALLY!!! In 50-years I've never had one doctor bring this issue to my attention. I have heard of the mutation, and knew I had it (from 23andme) but didn't have ANY idea what the implications were until very recently. So I hopped onto iTunes and found this AMAZING podcast series. I cannot thank Dr. Amy enough!!!! - TahoeShells from the United States

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