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Feel great about buying your supplements AND supporting this community and the work we do with MTHFR at the same time.

To Health With That and Genetic Rockstars is a one woman show, and it takes a lot to create content that is valuable and helpful to you, as well as to answer questions in a thoughtful way.  I love this community and I want it to thrive because I know how much good we can all do in the world together.

Buying your supplements using affiliate links will send a small percentage back into supporting the work we do here.

Every little bit helps, and I thank you for your support!

Seeking Health

Seeking health designs great quality products with an eye for epigenetics and methylation disorders. They also ship internationally. Please use this link to order.

StrateGene Report

Seeking Health also offers the StrateGene genetic analysis for MTHFR and other gene SNPs that we talk about. It’s great quality and very detailed – you can upload your raw data from 23andme,, or other genetic services.

Order your StrateGene Report

Full Script

Full script is a service that allows my customers to buy high quality and professional grade supplements, and for To Health With That! to earn a small commission. This is a US Full Script account and I don’t believe they are able to ship overseas.

Order from FullScript


I finally took the plunge and became an Amazon affiliate (phew!) Amazon sells everything, and now you can support Genetic Rockstars and the work Dr. Amy does in general.  You can start from the link below (which goes to current bestselling health books) and then navigate to anything you want. If you buy supplements on Amazon and aren’t sure about quality, you can always send me the name and I’ll look into it as much as I can for you.  I appreciate you using affiliate links so very much.

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Queen of The Throne – Castor Oil and Castor Oil Packs

Of course, you can do Dr. Amy’s Lazy method (see the full article here), but if you want something more sleek and streamlined or just need great quality organic castor oil that is packaged in glass and NOT PLASTIC, here it is!

Queen of The Throne

For 10% off any order of $59 or more use the code: AMY_TOHEALTHWITHTHAT10

Thank you so much for supporting what we do here! We *heart* you.

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