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Category Fatigue

Energy and Oxygen

energy and oxygen, mouth breathing and fatigue, mouth taping and sleep,
Obviously, humans need oxygen, that fact isn't lost on us, but often, the factors that get in the way of getting good oxygen are overlooked. A few well-known causes of fatigue, like anemia and iron deficiency, are actually oxygen problems even though we don't really think of them that way, but there are breathing related problems as well. The solution might just be as silly as taping your mouth shut.

Toxins and Fatigue

detoxification basics, detox basics, toxins and fatigue, toxic tiredness
Toxins are and have been a part of the human situation forever. Even before the industrial era, toxins came from bacteria, yeast, and fungii in food, minerals and biological products in the water, and compounds in the air. Now that humans have turned into giant trash heap creatures, your detoxification systems are always working to keep you alive, but they can't always keep up.

Supplements To Help You Fall Asleep

Falling asleep should be as natural and easy as letting gravity pull you down a slide, but sometimes it isn't. In these cases, the first step in fixing the problem is making sure that you aren't taking something that causes the problem.

The Four Types of Sleep Problems

four patterns of sleep problems, can't fall asleep, can't stay asleep
Sleep problems can be divided into four main categories based on the pattern of sleep disturbance that you experience. These patterns can help you narrow down some of the contributing factors in your sleep trouble.